Virtual Reality

 A Wide Selection Of Games!

Price is per person, per station. There is an additional charge to share a station or you can purchase multiple booths for multiplayer games. A signed waiver is required to participate. Gamers must be 8 years old to participate in regular VR, and 18 to participate in the treadmill VR experience. Must be above 18 to sign the waiver, parents or legal guardians must sign the waiver for their children.

Explore A Brand New Reality

Step into a world that can’t be explained with words. In VR, you aren’t simply playing a game. You are stepping into an entirely new reality.

This Isn’t Your Friend’s Basement Rig

Experience truly premium VR the way it was intended, with next-gen gear, max settings, and a custom-built environment.

Single & Multiplayer Games

Whether you want to go on a solo adventure, compete head to head with a friend, or tag-team a hoard of zombies, we’ve got you covered!

We Select Only The Best Games

We offer a hand-curated selection of the best titles VR has to offer across multiple genres including: Rhythm and dance games, First person shooters, PVP arena games, Relaxing experiential games, Competitive games, Educational journeys, And so much more!

Book Online Or Walk In And Play

Reserve a VR booth online, or simply walk in anytime the urge strikes you!

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