What are your hours?

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 11 AM – 9 PM
Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM
Friday: 11 AM – 10 PM
Saturday: 11 AM- 10 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 9 PM

*Our kitchen closes 30 minutes prior to the closing time every night.

What is your max capacity?

Our max capacity is 345 people, not including staff.

Is there an age limit to come to the arcade?

Chaos Arcade does not have an age limit, but the difficulty of the games and the selection of prizes are mostly geared towards adults and older kids (10+). However, we have seen many young gamers come to the arcade and still have a good time.

Is there an entry fee?

Not at all- it is free to come in and have a look.

Do I need to make a reservation to come to the arcade?

Reservations are not neccessary for dining and arcade games, but we do recommend making reservations for VR ahead of time as those can fill up quickly.

Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

We strictly do NOT allow any outside food or drinks, including personal water bottles. We can provide cups of water for free, and have drinking fountains at the arcade.

Can I bring my pets to the arcade?

 We have a no pets policy, but we do allow well-trained service animals. The Disability Act exempts service animals that are NOT well-trained from being protected. Emotional support animals are not protected by the Disability Act and are not allowed inside the    arcade.

Can I buy your prizes with money?


Are you hiring?

We are not actively hiring at this time, but you are welcome to drop your resume off at the front desk if you are 21 and over. A cover letter would increase, but not guarantee, the chance of being called for an interview if the opportunity were to come up.

Can I eat and drink around the arcade, or do I have to sit in the dining room?

You can eat and drink around the arcade as you like, as long as there are no outside food or drinks. Customers without wristbands cannot carry or consume alcohol anywhere in the arcade. While we allow customers to drink alcohol around the arcade while playing games, we cannot allow any unattended alcoholic drinks and will have to dispose of any that we see.


Do you do parties?

Our party packages range from 10 participants and go up to 40. For smaller parties, we offer free seating in the dining room on a first come, first served basis with our a la carte menu.  Find out more information here.

NOTE: We do NOT allow any outside food or drinks, including cakes, but we do sell cakes by the slice and whole cakes at the arcade. Whole cakes require special reservations 1 week in advance.

Can I do a buyout for a private event?

Yes, a buyout can range from $7,000- $20,000+ depending on the day and length of time. Please email for more information.


Who can play VR?

There is an age limit of 8 for the VR experience, and 18 for the treadmill VR experience. Additionally, there are other minimum requirements. Children who are too small to safely and comfortably fit in the headset, and guests who are unable to listen to the safety briefing will not be allowed to participate in VR.

What does share-a-station mean?

It means two or more people are sharing one station. The prices listed on our menu are good for one person, and each additional person sharing the station will cost $5. If you share a station, you are looking to split up time and watch each other play. The alternative, and more popular option, is to purchase multiple stations at the same time so you can play together in the same games.

Will VR make me sick?

Possibly. Some games can cause motion sickness for people who are prone to them. We have curated a list of games under our NEW PLAYERS tab that have caused almost 0 motion sickness for all our guests.

What is the treadmill VR?

It is a VR experience using an omnidirectional treadmill that allows you to walk long distances in VR. We do NOT recommend the treadmill VR for first time users or gamers who are new to VR, as it can cause severe motion sickness.

Do you have a list of your VR games?

We do not have a list of games as they are constantly rotating. We have over 50 games to choose from, and once you are set up in VR, you are free to change games as many times as you’d like. We have a wide genre ranging from horror to shooters to rhythm games. We also have curated games for younger gamers.

Do I need to sign a waiver for VR?

Yes. You can sign the waiver online if you are 18+, or have a parent sign for you. A waiver must be signed before VR time,       including bundles with VR time, can be purchased in person. Guests who purchase VR time online cannot be checked in until a waiver is signed.

Can you prevent my child from playing violent games in VR?

 Yes, we have filters we can turn on which will limit their selection of games.


Can I come just for the boba?


Do you have popping boba?

 Yes 😀

Do you sell alcohol?

 Yes. We have a wide selection of draught and canned beers, seltzers and some wine. We also have alcoholic boba drinks. We do not carry any hard liquor.

Do you sell food?

Yes. We have a large selection of pizzas and gourmet sandwiches as well as some smaller appetizers. Additionally, we have a selection of cakes and Bingsu (Korean style shaved ice).

Do you sell coffee?

Yes and no. We make and sell espresso drinks, including Americanos, but we do not sell brewed coffee.


Can I film myself at the arcade?

Yes, as long as you focus on yourself and not on other customers, and there are no complaints from other guests. We love watching your videos so don’t forget to tag us on social media!

Do you sell blank licenses for Initial D?

Yes, we sell the blanks for our Initial D8 machines at cost. These are limited as they have been discontinued for some time, and cost $25 each.

Why don't you have DDR?

Konami has strict restrictions on selling DDR to arcades in the United States, and make exclusive deals with certain arcades. Even if we could get one, it would be impossible to get parts to maintain the machine in tip top shape. Dance games like DDR have sensors that wear and tear quickly and would not be fun if they could not be maintained properly. Instead of DDR, we have opted for the special 20th Anniversary version of Pump It Up with over 500 songs.

Why don't you have Beat Saber in VR?

Facebook removed all commercial licensing rights for Beat Saber when they purchased the franchise. We have several alternatives for Beat Saber in our selection of games.

Will you donate to my cause?

Possibly. We have and will only donate to charities and a small handful of non-profits. We will never donate to any political causes or political non-profits. Please send an email to to enquire.

Will you work with influencers?

Possibly. We have and will consider working with local influencers or gamer influencers who are non-political.