Welcome to the inaugural recap of our weekly Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament right here at Spokane’s Best Arcade: Chaos! This past Thursday, 7/27/2023, gamers from the greater Spokane Smash community gathered under the neon glow at Chaos, controllers at the ready, for our first ever Smash Bros Ultimate Weekly Tournament. The event drew 25 enthusiastic Smash fans of varying skills and was a blast for all involved. Before we get to the Smash Bros recap, let’s take a peek behind the scenes to get a glimpse of all the effort put in by the Chaos Arcade staff to prepare for weekly tournament events like this.

To ensure the night was a success, some of the staff at Chaos brought their own Smash set up to help out (shoutout to Will and Aeron!). However, for some, not all the characters were unlocked so we had to unlock them all first. Here is Cody being a champ and unlocking some of the heroes for us.



We also had the request from the community to stream the event on Twitch, so not only did we have to run extension cords to get power to all the set ups, we had to run ethernet cables to the room for streaming. Shoutout to Lilac City Smash and Swingh for running the stream!



After a long day of preparations and with the room shining spotlessly, we were primed for action! Now, let’s take a peek at our tournament organizer (TO), BigDaddyNomNom deftly handling the participant registrations while our attendees warm up in anticipation of the tournament:



With the final participant names checked off and the brackets filled, the first matchups were announced. The room was filled with anticipation as our seasoned and new gamers took their positions at the various stations set up in the room. The TO signaled, and with the press of a button, the first game kicked off. The large screen sprang to life, mirroring the flurry of colors and the cacophony of sounds as digital characters sprang into action. So began the riveting saga of our Smash Bros Ultimate tournament.



Through an evening filled with nail-biting matches, spectacular KOs, and boba (and frankly, a lot of popcorn chicken), the match pool started to thin and a few very strong contenders began to emerge. At the end of the day, only one gamer can be number 1…and so our top 8 begin their epic climb in a furious fight to victory. In the end, with a masterstroke of strategic prowess, VAI claimed the final KO, solidifying their victory in this hotly contested tournament. The room erupted in cheers, acknowledging the brilliant gameplay and sportsmanship displayed by Vai.Vai’s victory over Cattail marked the end of an exciting day at Chaos Arcade, but the echoes of the tournament lingered. The triumphant moments, the shared laughter, and the camaraderie felt amongst everyone present were what truly made the day special. Will Vai be able to hold on to his title as top dog next week? Come find out, in our next Chaos Smash Weekly on Thursday, Aug 3!



To join in on the banter, check out the EWA/NID Smash Bros Discord here: https://discord.gg/G45c8vMt