Hello dear readers and fellow party enthusiasts, welcome to another Chaos PEDTalk (All in good fun, no trademarks here 😉). It’s still only August, but the vibrant buzz of “Back to School” is looming in the air and, believe it or not, some big box stores even have their fall line out in full display already! Seeing all this, we cannot help but start to get excited for fall- we LOVE Halloween at Chaos Arcade. Here’s a little secret: even though our doors will be closed on Halloween itself (since we take our well-deserved breaks every Monday and Tuesday), we’ve got a thrilling surprise for you! Mark your calendars because our legendary Halloween Bash is returning, set to make waves on Sunday, October 29th.

As we eagerly begin the planning phase of our Halloween Bash to bring you the ultimate Halloween experience, we can’t help but fondly look back at the fantastic memories we crafted together last year. Kicking things off with the Kids Costume Contest was a sheer delight! We were astounded by the dedication and creativity these young participants poured into their costumes. What truly warmed our hearts was seeing parents who chose to coordinate and match their outfits with their little ones, amplifying the fun and spirit of the event.

Of course, this event would not have been as awesome without our partners-in-crime. Namely, our wonderful judges who came out to judge these talented young gamers? A special Thank You to Rick Clark from the non-profit Giving Back Packs for coming out to judge our event. And who can forget the very talented Jessie from BeYoutiful Bath Bombs and More! Jessie came out in full swing as one of the judges for the our Kid’s Costume Contest and came through with some sweet, spooky prizes from her bath bomb and candle collection.



For the grown-ups among us who’ve spent hours, days, or even months perfecting their costumes, the Adult Cosplay Competition was the stage to shine! This wasn’t just a costume contest; it was a showcase of passion, creativity, and attention to detail. From intricate armor designs to the flowing fabrics of mythical characters, the competition was fierce and fabulous. Participants transported us to different realms, reminding us that the world of fantasy is just a costume away. We were also very fortunate to have expert judges from The Comic Book Shop in Spokane, who brought with them years of experience judging at the local Kuronekocon. Their insights and evaluations added a layer of authenticity and excitement to the contest. Not only did they grace us with their seasoned judges, they enriched the event with their fantastic prizes.

We truly enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes, we loved seeing everyone’s reactions to our candy goody bags as we handed them out to all the participants. After all, what is Halloween without some a lot of candy? Here are some of our favorite costumes from the day:



Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates about our upcoming Halloween Bash. We hope to see you all there in your costumes on October 29th this year!